Monday, July 23, 2007

Current Cambodian politics is in a setting-back move

Hi Everybody,

I don't want to criticize Khmers and Khmers politicians because when I am doing so, it benefits only Yeaknam.

However, I cannot tolerate to clarify some changes in contemporary Cambodia politics. Especially, the bloc of democracy which is critically weakened by the rival of top positions to form political party.

It is only giving power and opportunity to Hun Sen when HRP is created.

HRP is implicitly serving the benefit of CPP. No body denies this. Ngoun Nhel, a prominent CPP's member also agreed with this thought.

HRP created and led by Khem Sokha has many untrue things that they have been lying the people:
  • 1. The name of the party, Human Rights Party, appeared to confuse and weaken human rights NGOs in Cambodia.
  • 2. In this world, no country has named political party as HRP. Doing so is illegal and plagiarism to UN's commission to proclaim human rights as non-political affiliated.
  • 3. Khem Sokha lied that if we search internet, we can see many parties named HRP..but when I search I have seen non.
  • 4. Khem Sokha lied that he is not president of HRP, people are the can he do that? when democracy value the people but must have someone to represent them. What he said is just a propaganda, because no body can practice like he said...he tells us a lie.
  • 5. It is undeniable that CPP is a big coffer to offer financial support to HRP. Doing so CPP can employ their members and create an alternative party for the need of change for young generation.
  • 6. CPP supports HRP as much as possible in order to marginalize SRP from joining coalition when CPP cannot afford 50+1. This coming election 2008, CPP is surely hard to gain 50+1. Calculation from previous commune election shows that CPP will have hard time to find 50+1 to form its lonely government; and through present anti-attitude to SRP of Khem Sokha, we cannot assume that Sokha has true intention to join democratic party.
  • 7. Only the boasting policy and propaganda of its leaders and defectors, we can see how good HRP can cheat and deceive Cambodian innocent people.

Now, only hope for democratic party is to join, rally and support SRP to overcome CPP and lead our country to the new age of change of globalization and information technology.

Whoever that are supporting HRP just in hope to have top positions because they have no hope to win and lead the country in next coming election. They are only supporting anti-democratic party.

I admire Rainsy for his stable attitude to this new fledgling party and has never said bad or ill talk to HRP....the maturity, flexibility and intellect of Rainsy offers him an opportunity to become next Cambodian prime minister.


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