Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What Khem Sokha should focus; Rainsy should concentrate?

Khem Sokha's attitude is basically extreme. He is baseless to pre-conditioning SRP in democratic coalition.

In reality one party, with long one president is not a big obstacle to development democracy. But in reality, one country one leader (prime minister) is really dangerous to the nation.

  • 1. One party with one long president doesn't affect bad to the development of democracy in that party when the party has democratic regulation. It depends on the by-laws of the party. Sometime head of the party or president of one organization doesn't have much power when decision is according major voice or it is limited by the organization rule. Ex. King of Cambodia or head of state has been limited power by national constitution.
  • 2. SRP has reason for its keeping same leader. Cambodian people are absolutely, mostly voting or trusting person not policy or regulation. Ex. they voted for King Sihanouk. So Rainsy should be idealistic person to attract people. Cambodian people need longer time to walk on the path of law or regulation because they are still less educated. So Rainsy should stand as a main person to attract people for a while in SRP.
  • 3. The problem of SRP has its rational perspective. The name of party is his own name, so it is legitimate keeping Rainsy in position. And this party name has come from the losing in Cambodian shadow court to reclaim Cheat Khmer Party back during the internal division.
  • 4. Rainsy can stand as president of SRP in case of need now. But he cannot ignore or neglect the recent movement triggered by Khem Sokha. He should do some more broad envisioning plan to have a strong party administration. Doing so he can employ more effective members and strengthening this largest democratic party in Cambodia.
  • 5. He should observe from CPP that they don't have rule to limit president of the party, but they need to adjust the administrative organization. CPP is standing strong, beside of huge coffer and power, we have to accept that they also have strong base of administration.
  • 6. In this case, what is the intention of Khem Sokha to blame Rainsy with such slightest error to call for vote? It is really essential for Khem Sokha to join with SRP but it must not pre-conditioning with such subversive perspective.

Khem Sokha should begin their strategy to gain votes by facing with CPP. There are uncountable errors in CPP:
  • 1. Corruption
  • 2. Dictator with one prime minister
  • 3. Illegal immigrants Yeaknam
  • 4. Land grabbing
  • 5. Culture of impunity
  • 6. Yeaknam illegal employments
  • 7. Controversial border treaty
  • 8. Vote disfranchisements
  • 9. Power centralizing in small group person of government
  • 10. Education and Children competency...etc
  • 11. Not independent court and assembly...etc
  • 12. Poor condition, poverty, child birth rate of mortality, social gap...etc


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