Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The struggle of SRP is recognizable and admirable

One strong party must pass many obstacles and challenges in the past. I can see how hard SRP has struggled for its survival and absolute victory eventually:
  • 1. Faced with internal division until split Cheat Khmer Party to a betrayal; and created new party by naming as his own name to avoid any next stealing.
  • 2. Faced with brutal grenades attacked. It was severely and hurtfully...unforgettable. If not Rainsy may be he stopped the job. Now this grenade attack is still haunting the democratic movements.
  • 3. Faced with inhumanized by Cambodian national polices to attack demonstration that also participated by many Buddhist monks during the protest of vote buying and vote disfranchisement.
  • 4. Faced with court sentenced him to jail several years and he cannot come back to work as a politician more than one year.
  • 5. His members of parliamentarians and law makers have been stripped the parliamentarianship and injailed.
  • 6. Facing with killing, arresting, allegations and humiliating to his grounding members endlessly.
  • 7. Faced with very sensitive and controversial border treaty that all main Cambodian institutions have signed it except SRP that stood firmly to protest this unequal treaty. Cambodia indisputably ceded its land to VN as well as the integrity guaranteed by Paris Peace Agreement. This border treaty signifies Indochina Communist Party in their attempt to make Cambodia, Lao and Vietnam as one strong country in SEA led by Vietnam.
  • 8. Many other uncountable hardships that SRP is fighting with both visible and invisible enemies especially with injustice, poverty, corruption, land grabbing, social gap, dictatorship and dignitary as well as life-betting rival for the sake of Cambodia.

So Khem Sokha should see these efforts and rally with Sam Rainsy rather than trying to face with Sam Rainsy. Doing so, Khem Sokha will loss and loss his credibility and he is unavoidably called as a puppet of Hun Sen.

In reality, Khem Sokha is naturally extreme, power and money lover...


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