Monday, July 16, 2007

Uncovering the political leader who uses Buddha saffron robe to hide his secret agenda

It is a disguise for Cambodian people and their Buddhist institution that their Supreme Partriarch or highest Buddhist leader is wearing saffron robe of Lord Buddha to hide his political actitivities. He is performing duty to serve political party not Buddhism. The below original documents truly proves him as the assembly vice president of Cambodian People Party (once known as a branch of Indochina Communist Party led by Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam).

Somdech Tep Vong or His Royal Highness Supreme Patriarch Tep Vong is genuinely comrade of CPP movement who is using saffron robe as the banner. We might not be able to imagine how many banners are used by CPP to last their power and stabilize their political platform.

Recent news about Venerable Tim Sakhorn of Watt Phnom Den in Takeo signifies win win strategies of Vietnam in their attempt to dominate Cambodia:
1. Borrowing CPP's hand to help eliminating Khmer Kampuchea Krom citizens and uprooting their movement for the need of basic human rights respect. And Vietnam can injail or at least punish or question serviously Venerable Tim Sakhorn.
2. Destroying the fame of Buddhism in Cambodia when Buddhist monks are violated and inhumanized under the banner of state law not Buddhist laws. Now there are already the rift inside Buddhist institution of Cambodia.

Vietnam has served most benefits from below interfering/intervening with Cambodia politics:
1. Cheated Somdech Norodom Sihanouk in rallying with them to defeat American troops - Vietnam can benefit both unification of Vietnam or victory over US and expanded border line through Ho Chi Minh trail.
2. Cut the tie with Pol Pot but strengthened Cambodian People Revolutionary Front Party (present CPP) to take over position later on - Vietnam benefited both of weakening Cambodian poeple through stimulating them into genocide or atrocity and sustain their puppet government (CPP) lasting nowaday.
3. Supplemental border treaty in 2005 - Vietnam gains both benefits the land that they took control during occupation or invasion and the chronical conflict inside Cambodian society through this controversial border treaty.

With this border treaty - Vietnam also can move close to their total control of Cambodia through the cutting off the influences or uprooting the Paris Peace Agreement or other international treaties recognized Cambodia border and grip in their hand all important Cambodian institutions: the Monarchy, Assembly and Political Parties that got involved in signing this treaty.

There are more than these, the political strategies that Vietnam has been playing their win win policy with Cambodia.

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