Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Current Cambodia Mass Media and Its Ill Intention

I am grateful to KI-teamwork who has committed to bring live carpet of hot news from Cambodia. I wish you have a wonderful break time.

The effort of KI reflects the reality occurring in Cambodia that government is holding strong the national mass media not to allow broadcasting opposition's opinion. So KI has played important role to bring this biased practice of Hun Sen government to the world.

Hun Sen government corporates with Kiev Kannarith's personal institution, a notorious minister of Information Ministry have undertaking the mission of illiterate Cambodian people.

They don't want to give chance to Cambodian people to develop themselves to be an educated citizen through the consumption of national mass media. They want Cambodia people to learn only from one side "government propaganda". Cambodian people will continue to stay weak and uneducated because they have learned only from one source through the national mass media.

In developed countries with their smart leadership, national mass media belongs to every party, every one and every institution. It uses the taxation of the people and it must be fairly distributed to all people to express their opinion. Importantly, when the people learn/hear/listen from all sides and all opinions, they will have a fair judgement and correct decision of how to destine the future of their nation.

One country to be survived doesn't depend on one or only few persons(elitists), but depend on the whole citizen who have learned from the very diverse sources of national mass media...not only one side opinion of Hun Sen government or Kiev Kannarith.

KI, with her genuine national patriot and tiredless effort has tried to bring us the unbiased media to the world. Though, there are less people who can be able to access to internet, KI has played its pure essence to provide direct education to Cambodian people and people around the world.

I personally don't see any good intention of Hun Sen government and Kiev Kannarith's information management to work for the sake of Cambodia and her nation...they are explicitly trying to dump Cambodian people to become the barbaric citizens through learning from only one source/side/opinion/party/media ; and those people will never see the bright light of their nation future.


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