Sunday, August 26, 2007

Haunting of the Khmer Rouge

Respectful All Khmer Compatriots:
Mr. Soun Serey Rattha Sourn's letter to lift up King Norodom Sihanouk's immunity for the Trial in Cambodia is likely reflecting the Cambodian characteristic of favoring to fight with each other. And critically this letter has been issued in a wrong circumstance.
  • All Khmers have already been aware that KR Trial will never deliver justice for them; and this Trial is absolutely politically oriented, so why do you still want the court to try King Norodom Sihanouk?
Mr. Rattha has already known that this letter is in vain and no hope at all the government will take in action, so why he still send this letter to them? If I am not wrong, this letter benefits only:
  • The war and controversial opinion in Cambodia is gradually ignited in a large scale that can lead to the incurable division in current Cambodian society.
  • Only serving the success strategy of Indochina Federation Policy of Yeaknam that they are secretly working inside CPP. This letter can benefit CPP's politics, psychology and win-win strategy.
  • We can clearly notice that Hun Sen promptly responded with this letter because doing so Hun Sen can gain huge popularity among Cambodian people to vote for him.
  • Damning activities towards Khmer monarchy and Pol Pot actually serve the tremendous interests to the strategy of Indochina Federation of Yeaknam that this strategy is secretly working inside CPP. Especially, the day of 7 January 1979 becomes more invaluable day in Cambodia present political movement; we have to understand that this day is currently occupying Cambodian people physically, psychologically, militarily and Yeaknamization in Cambodia.
  • We have to know that KR Trial is ironically controlled and directed by CPP
  • CPP is the actor of Yeaknam's play that is entertaining Cambodian people not to see the reality with new vision of fake democratic and economic development but the real agenda and administration mechanism are strictly controlled.
  • CPP has never thought of releasing themselves from Yeaknam at all. The structure of the party and the prominent members of the party appointed by Hanoi such as Heng Samrin, Chea Sim, Hun Sen and including Somdech Tep Vong who is vice president of national assembly are still firmly in positions.
  • Only one excuse of the KR regime, Yeaknam can take tremendous advantages to eliminate Khmer Kampuchea Krom and extend their total occupation of Cambodia.


MengLynz said...

Enforcing a country to implement a rule of laws and to strenghten a social justice is not a fighting between khmer and khmer. But in reality, it is a way to unite khmer in one law for everyone. At present khmer are fighting to each other at all levels. Les grandes poissons manged les petites poissons. Donc tous les petites poissons doived etre mangees par les grandes poissons. Pour la vie naturelle des homes, il est different. Tous les petits homes ne veulet pas d'etre manges pas les grands homes. Donc il faut avoir la division envitable entre tous les homes de tous des classes sociales. At present, all powerfull individuals have aquired their wealth through landgrabbings and exploiting all the poor people without any attention from any leader at all. To implement a law to eliminate all impunities, it must start from the top to the bottom and not from the bottom to the top. That will won't work !!!

Derek said...

To all who read this,

Well, if I speak about Khmer, I will don't know what to speak besides the bad things in Khmer. It is always pessimistically for me to speak about Khmer.

The following numbers are the summary of negative vision in my unlimited ideology:

1. High-ranking officials are high-ranking corrupters: Corruption to be millionaire, not just corrupt to be alive;

2. Bad governance in all government administrations from the top to the bottom;

3. Injustice society (the winner is who has money to bride the judge) and the looser is who has no money for the judge (the poor);

4. Is a society where the riches are always winners of all thing, even they are completely fault or break the state law;

5. In society where the religion is almost null and politically interfered. Khmeng wat is Khmeng Peal. Acha is achao. Yeay Chi is yeay chao. Lok Sankh is lok sex;

6. Young people in current generation are impolite and almost street gangsters in the city, and local gangsters in each village throughout the country;

7. Leaders (politicians) are trying to take number one for himself, not for the interest of the nation. They are trying now to win personally and ideologically, not nationally at all. Fucking leaders of Cambodia! Position, Excellencies, property (modern cars and big villas) are what they are needing! Not for the nation or for the poor!

8 , 9, 10.....a lots more (hard to write)

Phnom Penh, September 19, 2007
From Hean Padhi, a nationalist Khmer
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