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Dialogue with James about the article "Haunting of the Khmer Rouge"

James and All,

I have repeatingly assured with you all that, I have no objective to
protect N.Sihanouk. I will not fight back to the impossible fight as
you are all fighting. To fight with N. Sihanouk is vague. He is not
real N.Sihanouk, but only the shadow show of Vietcong.

Why your fight has never be won? - because you are not fighting for
Cambodians' justice; you are fighting for the absolute defeat of
Cambodian people. James, you are smart to mention double-edged sword
in the case of bringing N.Sihanouk to trial. I can see this advance of
your insightful approach.

What JUSTICE in Cambodia will be occurred when one side is the trial
laws and another side is the national constitution? You guys should
try in the beginning to oppose the national constitution amendment
that included N.Sihanouk with specific care and protection by such
laws? Why now? While Cambodian is in a dangerous transition of JUSTICE
justification of Hanoi.

The division inside Cambodia now significantly indicates those pro-
N.Sihanouk with anti-N.Sihanouk, KR trial regulations with Cambodian
national constitution. This division is intensifying caused by one
unimportant letter. But why it becomes very important and inspiring
now? Because CPP is really creating and wanting to play this game.

But the hidden agendas of Hanoi inside CPP has been neglected and
ignored by the learned, the poor, the researchers and the labors, the
Cambodian citizens...etc

You have good excuse to fight for JUSTICE, but justice has already your fight is like running after the shadow; but the
real body of the shadow you have never found. And I can assure you all
that this shadow is Hanoi win-win strategy.

Now, you can see who is the winner between N.Sihanouk and the
standardized justice laws of KR trial committees or ECC? Both
N.Sihanouk and ECCC are not the winner, but the winner is CPP for 2008
election and everybody knows the winning of CPP is not belonging to
Cambodian people...the happiest person is Hanoi...


On Aug 31, 9:24 am, wrote:

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Trying N.Sihanouk to find justice for Cambodia. I do not see that your
JUSTICE word can bring justice to Cambodia. It is a smart excuse of
your cohort. I am saying this, I am not protecting N.Sihanouk.

The word JUSTICE your mentioned is just an excuse to legitimize
Vietnamization in Cambodia:

  • 1. Everybody is aware that KR trial is politically oriented and it is
  • terribly manipulated since it has started at the beginning by Hun Sen
  • government. Negotiation and procrastination of the trial has yielded
  • huge benefit for CPP to sustain their power.
  • 2. Sihanouk himself is just a tool of CPP, so why you want to try
  • N.Sihanouk
  • 3. During French coloy, they used the term INDEPENDENCE, during Pol
  • Pot they used the term Angkaa Leur, now again they are using the term
  • JUSTICE or Yuttithor...
  • 4. Critically, Yutthithor here has been completely destroyed since the
  • beginning..

Currently, the political soap opera of Hun Sen government is rolling:
- Protect N.Sihanouk fully, - Filming the words of N.Sihanouk in his
palace in order to broadcast through national TV and every province,
and - other shameless strategies of Hun Sen to manipulate Cambodian is uncountable!

Good job for Lok Sourn Serey Rattha that has been making this play
performing in Cambodian land and throughout the world.


On Aug 28, 6:00 pm, James Sok

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Jame and All,

Finally, I can understand your point of view in trying to bring
N.Sihanouk to trial. You have frequently said from the beginning that
"you need to sweep off the internal ghost first, so that you will
sweep off external ghost later".

In order to balance by critical thought and practical argument, I
don't absolutely disagree with you because by conditions and
situations it can be like that. But your theory of eliminating
internal ghost first before external ghost is not exactly universal

Especially, Jame or others, if you all look at the Pol Pot's
leadership. He is not different from Jame's perspective. Pol Pot hated
Yuan terribly; and in order to overcome Yuan, he started his mission
by uprooting all of suspects around his butt. The result of this
theory left us trauma, suffering and it absolutely become the tool of
Yuan (once Pol Pot's enemy). No body destroyed Pol Pot regime, but he
destroyed this regime himself following the theory of destroying
internal enemy (ghost).

Jame, look at Communist Ho Chi Minh, if you are living in US you can
go to Vietnamese towns/villages to ask those learned individuals
Vietnamese such as doctors or lawyers; most of them are democratic
activists during the Vietcong war. They were absolutely opposing the
Communist Ideology of Ho Chi Minh; but Ho didn't execute them. In
contrast, they sent/migrated them to foreign countries. Now those
learned individuals must pay gratitude to Ho and they have patriotic
consensus that for the national benefits, they will not destroy each
others or build hate each other.

Now, you are all considered as learned Khmer oversee who has always
felt bad and frustrated with N.Sihanouk, can see more and more of how
much Hun Sen has legitimacy, without hesitation, he repeat again and
again to protect N.Sihanouk. Doing so, Hun Sen and CPP can gain huge
benefits. I can say that these benefits come from making Khmers hate
Khmers. These benefits can also deceive Cambodian people not to see
who is behind CPP; and not to see the secrete planning of Hanoi inside
CPP. But in reality, I hope you agree with me, Cambodian Monarchy
Institution has been terribly manipulated by Hun Sen.

At least but not last, Hun Sen is not different from N.Sihanouk or Pol
Pot that they are just the political tool under the "win-win strategy"
of Hanoi.


On Aug 28, 6:10 am, James Sok

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I can give you two cents of idea:
1. Try to condemn the KR and N.Sihanouk for some of his previous
2. Try to dig out the hidden agendas of Hanoi in CPP

What is your vision as a political analyst to find out the benefit for

I agree when you to cleanse the past of KR and Sihanouk, you can
receive some benefits from it. It is the benefit of eliminating
culture of impunity and leave a lesson for Khmer young generation. But
more damning the KR and N.Sihanouk; it is seriously giving support to
CPP. The people of Cambodia will see CPP only one alternative for them
to trust. Cambodian people nowadays don't see that CPP is closely
affiliated with Hanoi. Their political activities are very subtle.

This is the game that I call "playing in the cage". It is not only
supporting CPP, it is also create division among Cambodian people.

Second alternative, if you really deal with the right problem, I think
you should question CPP, does it have independence from Hanoi or not?
And try to dig out the secrete agendas that Hanoi are using to play
and hide its aggressive ambition. Today, Hanoi can use CPP to
humiliate and eliminate Khmer Krom monks and their fellows, tomorrow
Hanoi can use CPP to control all Cambodian people, land and territory.

About your responding, yes it is logical and rational; but it is only
the logical and rational in the cage of Hanoi.

I am not protecting N.Sihanouk, but as I knew N.Sihanouk had mistake
in the appealing of Cambodian people to support KR; but after that we
really understand that he was be used by KR to gain their power. It is
not different from today that CPP uses N.Sihanouk to sustain their
power. So, should we consider N.Sihanouk as a perpetrator or a victim,
or we can say he is a very childish victim?

Vietnam, Thailand, China and US are implicitly involving with killing
field in Cambodia. I no need to explain, everybody know the word
"implicitly". Hun Sen and Keat Chon are KR's cadres in that time.

Now, I don't want to see that because you want to win the argument
with me and to win N.Sihanouk; you can side with all others to remain
your seat. It is not about wrong or rights, win or loss; but it is
about the interest of Cambodian nation, Jame.


On Aug 27, 11:12 pm, James Sok wrote:
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Game word in here is just the analogy to those rivals in political
careers as well as to those who are sharply debating with some
controversial opinions like I and you. I can see we both have one
common thing is to find out the benefit for Cambodian nation. But our
approaches are different.

In critical and practical thinking, I can see that N.Sihanouk as well
as Cambodian monarchy nowadays has been drastically changed and their
power has been forcibly limited by laws. So the past of N.Sihanouk as
well as Cambodian god-king culture has been passed. What you mean with
your vision, I still see that it is only the past, not in the present
and not in a concrete way. Nowadays, the popularity and the roles of
N.Sihanouk as well as monarchy has been controlled by Cambodian
national constitution. I would like to inspire you to look at powerful
men or men who are in power, the executive institution that is always
disturbing and influencing other institutions not to work
independently. Cambodia has checks and balances at all. You should
crusade with this issue, and especially the hidden works of Hanoi
inside CPP.

So when I look at Sourn Serey Rattha's letter, I can see the chaos, I
don't see it will bring peace. It can give us some benefits too such
as instructing everybody has to abide by law. It is regardless of
king, upper leaders..etc. But the disadvantage from this letter is
more than that. It will lead to terrible division again, if it cannot
bring war of weapons, but it can bring war of ideology and hatred. You
can calculate and do a survey, how many percentage of Cambodian people
are still loving Sihanouk and how many not?. These two extreme people
can continue to suffer Cambodian land caused by only Rattha's small
letter and his firm delusion.

The trial regulation has clearly amended. Why Sourn Serey Rattha
appealed only to try the king? Why he doesn't request to try Hun Sen,
Keat Chon or Vientam, Thailand, China and US? Those few mentioning
individuals and states closely affiliated with the atrocity in
Cambodia, under the leadership of Pol Pot.

I hope, Jame and all of you who have always felt bad and frustrated
with N. Sihanouk; not to fall in Rattha's hidden agenda. You all
should rethink again before giving support any means to Rattha. His
letter was promptly responded by Hun Sen, so we cannot imagine that
how much Hun Sen and Rattha have closely cooperated together?

Hun Sen and CPP are smart enough to have Rattha's letter and his
frequently confirming this activity to try the king.


Now it's my turn to respond the late development of
KR trial, should former monarch to be trial or not ? I have no idea
what the hidden agenda and the revenge propaganda anti-former monarch
outlet originating from ? The law is the law, nobody is above the law,
that's a universal rule.There are lots of speculations and emotional
fabrications in this saga, but so far I never heard nor seen any
written statement from former monarch that he had asked anybody to
help him escaping from KR trial, only I heard repeately that former
monarch himself declared that he is ready to stand trial if he will be
summoned.The CPP's game is smart, agitating one story and comforting
one side, politically with Hanoi's mentor, CPP is taking advantage as
the defender of that institution, in order to gain more support. In
fact numerous articles and statements have been made and hand written
by former monarch about his involvement with KR during 1975-1979. He
know as human being how public perceived and casting doubt about his
personal involvement, please read his statement, you do not agree, I
cannot help. Personally as ancient ELEVE used to parade anti-former
monarch during dix huite mars mille neuf cent soixant dix, former
monarch was a victim's leader of the cold war and duped by Hanoi/
Peking/ Msocou/Washington. He is a nationalist, he loved his country,
he loved his own subject, he is not a traitor nor making any choices
to head his country to be as today. To his late age, I and million of
his subject around the world, would leave him a lone, wishing him to
be healthy, socializing with his poor and disfranchised subjects. I
possessed no hatred, revenge because I am full with dharma of love ,
compassion and tolerance.Please move on taking charge our own destiny,
removing Crooked People Party from the power then Taking Back
Cambodia.From Chetrasena
Maha Boros Sambor Prey Kok Sdok Kok Thom Asarama.

On Aug 27, 11:03 am, James Sok wrote:
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I am grateful to your peaceful diplomatic response. Personally, I have
no objective to protect N. Sihanouk or other powerful men in Cambodia;
but my essential goal is to protect the interest of Cambodia nation
especially to create harmony among Cambodian people.

Jame is a smart Khmer young generation too, and often I have seen your
expression and vision is extraordinary; but I have never seen your
vision that can lead to an enlightenment in long future Cambodia and
it can pinpoint that who is Khmer real enemy. As I can assume, if I am
not wrong, most of your ideas are only the sub-important things.

If I choose the game to play in Cambodia, I will not play the game in
the cage that is controlled by other. I have to play the game that is
free from the cage or outside the cage. The game with N.Sihanouk and
KR are just the inventing game created by Hanoi Authority.

Hanoi has already set up the system and theme of this game for Khmers
to play and they sit to watch us and they can occasionally receive
huge benefits.

I don't know what game you are all choosing to play as you always say
that you are Loving Khmers.


On Aug 26, 12:10 pm, James Sok wrote:
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Respectful All Khmer Compatriots:
Mr. Soun Serey Rattha Sourn's letter to lift up King Norodom Sihanouk's
immunity for the Trial in Cambodia is likely reflecting the Cambodian
characteristic of favoring to fight with each other. And critically this
letter has been issued in a wrong circumstance.
  • * All Khmers have already been aware that KR Trial will never deliver
    justice for them; and this Trial is absolutely politically oriented, so why
    do you still want the court to try King Norodom Sihanouk?
  • Mr. Rattha has already known that this letter is in vain and no hope at all
    the government will take in action, so why he still send this letter to
    them? If I am not wrong, this letter benefits only:
  • * The war and controversial opinion in Cambodia is gradually ignited
    in a large scale that can lead to the incurable division in current
    Cambodian society.
    * Only serving the success strategy of Indochina Federation Policy of
    Yeaknam that they are secretly working inside CPP. This letter can benefit
    CPP's politics, psychology and win-win strategy.
    * We can clearly notice that Hun Sen promptly responded with this
    letter because doing so Hun Sen can gain huge popularity among Cambodian
    people to vote for him.
    * Damning activities towards Khmer monarchy and Pol Pot actually serve
    the tremendous interests to the strategy of Indochina Federation of Yeaknam
    that this strategy is secretly working inside CPP. Especially, the day of 7
    January 1979 becomes more invaluable day in Cambodia present political
    movement; we have to understand that this day is currently occupying
    Cambodian people physically, psychologically, militarily and Yeaknamization
    in Cambodia.
    * We have to know that KR Trial is ironically controlled and directed
    by CPP
    * CPP is the actor of Yeaknam's play that is entertaining Cambodian
    people not to see the reality with new vision of fake democratic and
    economic development but the real agenda and administration mechanism are
    strictly controlled.
    * CPP has never thought of releasing themselves from Yeaknam at all.
    The structure of the party and the prominent members of the party appointed
    by Hanoi such as Heng Samrin, Chea Sim, Hun Sen and including Somdech Tep
    Vong who is vice president of national assembly are still firmly in
    * Only one excuse of the KR regime, Yeaknam can take tremendous
    advantages to eliminate Khmer Kampuchea Krom and extend their total
    occupation of Cambodia.


Cambodian Bright Future depends on enduring conscience and endless strivings
of Cambodian Young Generation!

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