Friday, September 7, 2007

My respectfull message to King Father, N.Sihanouk

I am totally supporting the idea of Samrainsy for his brilliant response and standing firmly on standard of laws.

More than this, I learn many things from your intellectual debates in this forum.

In summery, I can see that the methods that our King Father has been always using are exactly promoting his personal fame (if I am not wrong, you can check again to political strategies of King Faith Sihanouk).

The questions are:
  • 1. Why King Father truthfully sided with China and supported his blatant barbaric enemy like Pol Pot?
  • 2. Why King Father chose to fully support Ho Chi Minh and blindly believed the promises of Ho?
  • 3. Why King Father chose to compromise loser to be co-premier, Hun Sen and Rannarith? In that time, the world was astonished by King's reconciliation thing we can see is that the King became the father of Cambodians (is it real?), father of reconciliation. But what failed? Democracy and Cambodian people are failing from that reconciliation.
  • 4. King Father requested for immunity like a King following Cambodian constitution is contradict the Cambodian national constitution that recognized only one king. If his request is successful, Cambodia would have two Kings (father and son)...I am really experiencing political diarrhea is it becomes true.
  • 5. King Father should not choose to play "gray politics" in current transitional time. He should not distort ECCC-UN though sometime this institution has been intentionally deprived by CPP or not believable that it can bring justice for Cambodia, but at least, it can create model or state of law in Cambodia. King Father should not hope or admire the protecting words from Chea Sim or Hun Sen or Kiev Kannarith...etc Legally, they have no legitimacy to protect the King, but why they said so because they are only using King Father as their instrument to gain popular from Cambodian people.

King Father should not expose himself as their political instrument. King Father should try to side with the laws, actual laws of Cambodia, ECCC and International.

Firstly, I don't want the issue of King Father with KRT being publicized...but now it is occurred though sometime it is just the political strategy of some political party (especially CPP)...King Father has to use this current changing situation to cleanse himself to become real Hero of Cambodia for future generation (not like previous one: Father of National Reconciliation between Rannarith & Hun Sen..sic).

With my respectful to King Father.

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