Monday, October 15, 2007

Kiev Samphan's responding to VOA is sound and listenable

Kiev Samphan's commenting regarding KR regime is sound and accurate in some degrees, but it is not generally correct. However, listen to his words are worthy for younger generation of Cambodia.

  • 1. First, all Khmers have to understand that Somdach Ta Sihanouk, Lon Nol and Pol Pot are just the political tool of Hanoi. Somdach Ta Sinahouk tried to neutralize Cambodia in order to avoid from Hanoi's expanding attempt. Lon Nol came to power under the fake support of US and tried to stand up firmly to oppose Hanoi. Pol Pot came to power with no clear vision to fight against Hanoi while Hanoi had already employed their cadres entirely Cambodia during combating with US as well as Lon Nol.
  • 2. War and brutality in Cambodia are just the by-products of Vietcong war in the attempt to have controlling Indochina as the whole.
  • 3. The attempt of Hanoi to control Indochina happened since the declining of Angkorean Period, the movement to free from French, the war against imperialist America, the toppling Pol Pot and the continuing installed CPP...
  • 4. Through installing the CPP, the mission of Indochina's federation and legitimacy attempt is still continuing in Cambodia...

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