Monday, October 15, 2007

Hun Sen's Leadership: border land & Cambodian younger generation

Dear Beloved Countrymen,

Today is the second anniversary of the extension for legal control of Vietnam over Cambodia legalized by a group of traitor leaders installed by the Vietnam in the 1979, i.e. the Supplemental Treaty signed by Hun Sen on October 15, 2005 which in its spirit to validate the 1985 illegal treaty back to life.

It is the day that we must remember and witness as long as we live from generation to generation that our territorial integrity and sovereign are sold to another country by our leader.

However, I personally never recognize the present day leader, Hun Sen, as the leader of Cambodia. In my eyes, he is just an unconstitutional leader, a traitor and an untruthful person.

This is because he has come to power constitutionally wrong by amending the national constitution for his greedy power by means of the packet vote after national election in 2003.

With his unconstitutional Prime Ministership, he irresponsibly and authoritatively signed the illegal Supplemental Treaty on 15 October 2005 with Vietnam in order to validate the 1985 illegal treaty which violates the spirit of our national constitution and the 1991 Paris Peace Accord and with this he does undermine our national independency.

In order to get the public trust, he always keeps saying that all the Treaties signed in the 1980s do not make Cambodia loses her land, yet Cambodia will gain land from Vietnam through them because Vietnam are pity on us. However, he never keeps his promise and dare to face the reality. He politically never accepts any offer of evidences from our nationalists, scholars, and our beloved people who live along the border who witness the daily invasion. And more importantly, he never keeps his word. I do remember that I asked him to bet life with me in the case of territorial integrity in October 2005 after he signed the illegal Supplemental Treaty 15 October 2005 with Vietnam and take this opportunity, I would like to tell him that the bet is still valid and I do urge him to accept it in order to bring about the truth and bring back national unity, full independency, and pride as a Nation, otherwise I will never recognize him as a Cambodian leader or my leader forever but just a traitor and an untruthful person.

Let’s morn together and condemn this act of Hun Sen!

Pang Sokheoun

Former President of SMD

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