Friday, October 5, 2007

Ho's dream of Indochina Federation unification is not far from succeeding

It is correctly to say that the dream of Ho to unify Indochina is not far from succeeding.

Hun Sen might die if he step down from riding this cruel tiger. That why we suggest him to be courageous if he want his younger children and grand children to be Khmer and live under Khmer dignity.

For Sihanouk, he is no way go any further, when Ho is his close friend, what he should get some gift from Ho is his bitter taste in present low and nonsense political activities.

We are Cambodians have to accept the reality that the present mechanism of so-called Cambodia state is totally anarchy and the whole process and decision making is under foreigner (vn).

If you don't believe, you need to do more research the legitimacy and independence of current Cambodia government.

Many main decisions profiting Cambodia are floating in the air. Those decisions making that are beneficial Cambodia will never be decided...but the only less important decision making can be considered and decided.

So who control this decision making?
For example:
1. Why corruption law is not appreciated to amend by the government?
2. Why immigration law is not well implemented?
3. Why independent judge and national assembly are not implemented?
4. Why government has will only to amend less important laws such as monogamy law, traffic law...etc

Especially it is useless to have border markers without proper implementation of national immigration law.

There are many tricks and secret plans stayed behind Hun Sen government that we can see the grip of Hanoi is continuously influencing since Prey Norkor, Kampuchea krom land, classic Nam Yang of Phnom Penh, and present installing CPP.

Now Cambodian people are happy with peace and economic development because they are traumatized by KR regime and past decades of war, they don't have time to think about the arrogant mechanisms of Indochina Federation led by Hanoi.

Current peace in Cambodia is just a pawn of expansionism win-win strategy and the current security as well as economic development is just the gradual success of the expansionist.


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