Thursday, October 4, 2007

Through Hun Sen's Leadership, Cambodia is likely not independent

Hun Sen's Leadership and his Current Government is possibly controlled by a foreigner.

Hun Sen must say that Venerable Tim Sakhorn is not Khmer though he has no base and ground to testify that he is Vietnamese since he has lived in Cambodia almost his whole life.

But saying that, Hun Sen can benefit two things: to revive reputation of his government from doing bad/illegally in defrocking the monk and to make a favor for his boast (VN).

It is a conjunction with the visiting of VN delegation group to Cambodia that this pressures Hun Sen to confess and make a favor for their presence.

Cambodia is continuing to be worst and worst through Hun Sen's leadership/government that is undeniably interfered and mechanized by his former boast, VN. VN gave/installed/offered him a chance to become a PM and live with a luxurious life, he should pay such gratitude to them that it is not wrong for Hun Sen to hold such virtue; and Cambodia is just vice versa.

Current peace in Cambodia is likely a facade of expansionism and the current security of Cambodia is seemingly a poisonous pill of an absolute control by expansionist.
former article:
Detained Khmer Krom Monk Not an Agitator, Groups Say

Heng Reaksmey, VOA Khmer
Original report from Phnom Penh
04 October 2007

An advocacy group seeking the release of a monk detained in Vietnam called on Prime Minister Hun Sen Thursday to reconsider allegations the monk was a Vietnamese agitator.

Tim Sakhorn, the former chief monk of a Takeo province pagoda, was defrocked following allegations in Cambodia he organized protests that led to violence between monks, Hun Sen wrote in a letter to former king Norodom Sihanouk.

The two-page letter, dated Sept. 28, claims that Tim Sakhorn is Vietnamese and committed many offenses, such as distributing leaflets, inciting conflict between Cambodia and Vietnam, and organizing demonstrations against Vietnam. Those acts led to the beatings of monks and Tim Sakhorn's subsequent defrocking, the letter says.

Ang Chanrith, executive director for the Khmer Kampuchea Krom for Human Rights, called Hun Sen's charges "wrong."

"Prime Minister Hun Sen should reconsider this, because the Khmer Kampuchea Krom [in Vietnam] are already victims, and now that they are in Cambodia, they are accused again," he said.

The Khmer Krom belong to a minority group living along in the Mekong Delta of Cambodia and Vietnam. They have repeatedly alleged abuse at the hands of both Vietnamese and Cambodian authorities.

Tim Sakhorn has been held in Vietnam since July on charges that he is actually Vietnamese and traveled without documents.

Thach Setha, director of the Khmer Kampuchea Krom Association, said he would send a letter in response to Hun Sen and request an audience with the former monarch to clear Tim Sakhorn's reputation.

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