Sunday, November 11, 2007

Angkor Wat: icon of Cambodia nation has been exploited by private company

The unimproved standard of living of the people who are living around the area of Angkor complex and vicinity doesn't imply with the economic growth in current Cambodia, but it implies only to the greedy business corporations that use Angkor Wat to profit only their private pocket. These greedy business companies including especially Sok Kong Private Company Ltd. that has owned Angkor Wat may be since the coup d'etat in 1997 between Hun Sen and Rannaridh.

The profit from selling tickets to visitors who have visited Angkor Wat are unable to hide from the public because when they know the amount of visitors, they know how much this company got the money, and how much they did pay tax to the government as well as help improve the people's living around Angkor Wat?.

In this matter, many observers see that government has not got adequate tax revenue for the nation from this Angkor Wat concession.

So the question that we should ask why? and how?

First hypothesis: it might be not a normal concession because during coup d'etat, Hun Sen might need huge money from Sok Kong company Ltd. to overthrow Rannaridh; and he sold out Angkor Wat to this company.

Second hypothesis: government top leaders are conspiring with this private company to take that huge profit from selling tickets to inject in their own pocket.

Third hypothesis: this evidence of not paying adequate tax to the national coffer can tell us the inefficiency of tax collection of the government to extract money for the public good and equality with another hundred private companies.

Fourth hypothesis: essentially, and this is really important that on behalf of government, they should not give rights to any private company to run this invaluable national treasure like Angkor Wat. Doing so, the government is seems insulting Cambodian ancestors.

We always help promote Angkor Wat as the icon of Cambodia - it is the national pride - it is the life and soul of Cambodian people. This pride and promotion are explicitly advertising for Sok Kong company to extract millions of dollar each year for their own profit.

What is the shame of Cambodian people that their symbolic temple and ancestor heritage has likely become a curse for them through the decision-making of our current government that turned it to the private company and has not received adequate profit from it, especially the poverty around this world's wonder.


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