Friday, November 9, 2007

November 9: in case of Cambodia independence and its controversy

Kong Hean & Everybody,

Your 4 scenarios to solve Cambodian problem for independence are sound and viable. Our independent day is abused by Vietnam because they tried defrocked monk Tim Sakhorn. This is usual politics for Vietnam that they always do anything in the public to insult Cambodian people. The concept is simple: you have no independence and sovereignty because your people are be able to try by my court like what you see in case of Tim Sakhorn.

Venerable Monk Tim Sakhorn is Khmer, 100% Khmers. But the friendship of Vietnam-Cambodia (legacy of Indochinese Federation from 1930), Hun Sen government defrocked Venerable Tim Sakhorn and sent him to be tried in an alien country.

In order to retain their friendship, Cambodian government can do everything towards their own Cambodian people, in case of Venerable Tim Sakhorn, to favor their so-called relationship; and especially CPP has been violating Paris Peace Agreement and exploited Cambodian people through uncountable so-called bilateral corporations and agreements with their friendly partner(Vietnam).

We can notice that since 1930 of the creation of Indochinese Federation to present of 2007 that their objectives and procedures are not different. Their objectives are "to preserve the special relationship between the Vietnamese people and the people of Laos and Cambodia; and to strengthen military solidarity, mutual trust, long term corporation and mutual assistance in all fields..." (Read Vietnam Join the World by James William Morley, Masashi Nishihara).

Under our present Sam Kok leaders: Chea Sim, Heng Samrin and Hun Sen; we are hopeless from their political will and effort to free Cambodia from Vietnam. But we still hope and believe that when these Sam Kok dare sacrifice their power and position, and importantly when CPP's members who can see the danger of Vietnam-Cambodia relationship, dare wake up to reform CPP, in that time we can see a glimpse of real independence in Cambodia.

According to your scenarios, it will not work with option 1 (because they are absolute lackey and frightened), option 2 (because our Somdech Ta's vision is to maintain royal throne first, the rests are vice versa), option 2 (Cambodian people are too exhaust and fearful), but option 3 might be possible that we must help supplement the seats for SRP.

And I have two effective scenarios: firstly, the movement must start from internal CPP because I do believe there are many CPP's members are potentially be able to revive independence for Cambodia from such tricky relationship; and secondly do whatever to uplift SRP to become government party or lead the country in 2008. So that, Cambodia will have its full own independent decision-making without paying gratitute to anybody or being a lackey because their help or long lasting friendship signatory.

Note: when SRP comes to power, they must keep relationship with all neighboring countries and other international nations. But with Vietnam, SRP must not follow the nature of relation like present Cambodian government led by CPP.


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