Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Both Cambodian prominent leaders appear in the public

It is rare to see these two leaders (Hun Sen & Sam Rainsy) appear in the public. I don't know what is Hun Sen shouting to Sam Rainsy, and what is Sam Rainsy replying with humble face to Hun Sen?

However, these two prominent leaders seems have become mature in running politics in Cambodia, especially have got understanding that for the sake of the nation, the criticism or opposing idea is not bad or blamable.

You both have to be honest with each other, and play in a fair game of politics, not to be good in tricking strategies. The best tricky player I have known in Cambodia is Hun Sen because he has had background from his number one teacher, the Hanoi.

Hun Sen, if you want to see your future leadership is inscribed in heart of Khmer younger generation, you have to find out a good way to reform CPP as well as retire yourself from politics.

Please, give chance to other member inside CPP or to Sam Rainsy.


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