Saturday, December 1, 2007

Cambodian Brighter Future Needs a Vision

Dear Pang Sokheoun and Ki-ests,

Your article is awesome. Cambodia needs younger generation like who who doesn't only feel imporant to having change that you want to see brighter future of Cambodia, but you have also developed in academic study in factualizing Cambodia politics and her present leader.

Cambodian brighter future and brighter generations will not be extreme or radical in facing with problems, but they are realistic people equipped by rationalized solutions.

Your explanation of Hun Sen's leadership style and the danger of Cambodia under his style is absolutely meaningful.

He is full of criminal records, failure to bring independence from Vietnam, failure to build Cambodia as a state ruled by law, and failure to tackle corruption, are underscoring the total failure of Hun Sen who is egoistic to lead Cambodia.

Cambodia has experienced bad and bad through this arrogance behavior of leadership.

However, chance for Hun Sen is still left for him to change and adjust his arrogant attitude as a leader.

He has to build and enforce a rule of law in Cambodia, sacrifice his power to others inside CPP or to Sam Rainsy in order to dismantle coryism/favoritism/family trees, punish all those corrupted officials, reform CPP in order to free Cambodia from all influences and interferences of Vietnam...etc

We have to understand that Cambodian people are not yet understanding the danger of future Cambodia, and some learned individuals also see this danger but they keep saying to use time or they keep silent because they gain huge benefit from current transitional Cambodian.

However, most Cambodian people and younger generations can not see their land should be colonized foreigner or destroyed by any stupid or arrogant leaders.

Bravo Cambodia!


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