Saturday, December 1, 2007

Question on Cambodia-Vietnam Relationship (part I)

The history of Cambodia-Vietnam relationship is good for those learned people especially Khmer younger generation to experiment and search for truth from this relation.

  • - Many Cambodian kings in the past asked Vietnam to help them to power regardless of losing sovereign integrity.
  • - During French colony, French favored Vietnam and gave opportunity to Vietnam in influencing Cambodia.
  • - Khmer Rouge leaders were heartedly supported by Vietnam to overcome Lon Nol. But China wholeheartedly supported Khmer Rouge to betray Vietnam because Vietnam betrayed China when they can unify North-South Vietnam.
  • - Vietnam wholeheartedly supported Hun Sen, Heng Samrin and Chea Sim to power. And now these three leaders (Sam Kok) are still in power to the present. With a weak country leadership in present Cambodia that is full of corruption, crimes, drugs and lawless state will not ensure stable Cambodia at all.
  • - Chronologically, Vietnam was smart to adopt their doi moi policy in 1986 to upgrade their political agenda to further national interests. From that party congress, Vietnam accepted multi-alliance policy but keeps Cambodia under their sleeve. So that why Vietnam accepted to withdraw their military from Cambodia, re-ally with China, US and other nations. But one important thing is that Vietnam has still likely been keeping firmly Cambodia-installed government under their sleeve to gain benefits for their nation.

So our present Sam Kok is really independent from Vietnam?

What reasons you can explain us if you think that these three prominent leaders are independent?


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Khmer said...

thanks for your hard and creative work to have this website for our belove khmer to understand deeply about our current danger that could lead us be be another kampuchea krom that most of our frs over there live in misserable poverty and pressure.

I have some question for u and other to answer as below:

1. our new generation is more educated than in the past, they might understad the situation. so how can vietnamese take over our country? ( resistance will have?).

2. what about china, u.s and thailand? will they want to lose their influence on cambodia and give everything to vietnam