Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hun Sen's leadership from my point of view

Dear Vanak and KI-ests!

Your comment is rational and hit on the hot spot, Vanak. Hun Sen's personal characteristic is outbursting with self-pride, self-ego, self-ignorance and self-deception. His conceit is far beyond from other people who is usually called "stubborn".

Three things to analyze Hun Sen's political behaviors:

  • 1). His less education and comprehension of the outside world, not understand the world changes of neocapitalism, neoimperialism, neoexceptionalism. Many leaders including communist countries like China and Vietnam has upgraded their leadership style for the survival and reputation of their nation.
  • 2). His self-deception has always destroyed himself and Cambodian nation. For the uneducated, traditionally they legitimize their power through self-boasting (Ex. Akkha Maha Dejo Hun Sen) and arrogant as well as pejorative rhetoric (aige, chkout, via, aah..et) to express threatening and intimidation.
  • 3). His boss (VN), perhaps, doesn't want him to stop from this job because when he stops, all treaties he signed will become nullified.
Current Cambodia-Vietnam relation is the strategic plan that VN has upgraded in 1986 to utilize "soften power" that means "when the kite flies high through the wind blows, they have to loosen the kite-string, but they have to ensure that the string is firmly grabbed in hand".
VN has changed from invasion to become multi-cooperations such as economic cooperation, culture, military, border land, investment...etc

So, the border treaty and border demarcation are just the political propaganda, but in reality, Cambodia has lost and lost to VN.

In conclusion, Hun Sen himself has no effective ground of leadership, but he still in power because of many talent advisers who might be selected by his boss to do the job behind him. Ex: all election times, we can see that Hun Sen is not active at all to advocate for support/votes from the people. Why?. It is because all votes have already arranged by his professional persons (who?).

Now, the voter-registration has been done. There are more numbers of voters than before. But who can assure that the list names for eligible votes are correct and fair? Hun Sen might smile alone that, he can get at least 30% from this tricky voter-registration list names. SRP, NRP, HRP or Comfrel cannot use their ability to check all those voter-lists and names in NEC at all.


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