Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Does Cambodia have Founding Father (FF)?

It is impressive to explore that does Cambodia have founding father? The answer YES. But what era and kingdom? According to historical accounts, we can assume that in pre-Angkorean period, we have some founding fathers such as Queen Liev Y, King Jayarman II, Suriyavarman II, and King Jayavarman VII...etc

But if we look at post-Angkorean period (1434 - present), we have hard time to find Cambodian founding father. Somehow, we can regard King Angdoung as founding father because he initiated to liberate Cambodia from both Siam (Thailand ) and Dai Viet (Vietnam). Beside this, I see nothing if I search deeply into the virtue of founding father.

Founding father literally refers to one who pioneered or oriented one important policy and it has become the cornerstone for younger generation. One example country I want to study is US as this country created in 17 century but has become stronger and stronger nation till nowadays. This consistent strength values so much to those American initiative founding fathers.

Thomas Jefferson in 1781 stood up firmly and declared LIBERTY as his cornerstone national and international policy. Latter on, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Woodrow Wilson , and current president Bush has significant carried out this policy, and it is profoundly becoming the immortal continuity of America.

One memorable story about George Washington is that: when he liberated America from Britain and France successfully, he renounced his presidency and lived in a remote farm. Many followers try to seduce him to lead and stay in position, but he said "why I need that position when all my obligations are done, I need to find peace for myself and watch all of you to take turn." Once, there were thousand mercenaries migrated from Europe. They are hired by Britain and French to achieve a secret mission to kill George Washington, but after they all were caught by Washington, they were freely resettled in the farms. Later, those mercenaries have become American cowboys and they were the brave protectors of Washington.

This smart and win-win strategy of Washington has become the cornerstone policy of America in later hundred years. Nowadays, America has employed most of their social workers and aid agents in foreign countries. The atomic bomb in Japan doesn't make Japan irritated America, but many younger Japanese peoples see America as their hero in bringing advancement to their nation. WB, IMF, UN, USAID and others are the representatives of America to turn those aliens or vicious enemies become long lasting friend of America. Wild mercenaries have become Washington's protective guardians are sound for him as a "True Founding Father".

Look at Cambodia, do we have founding father after the war outbreak?


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