Thursday, December 6, 2007

Phnom Krovinh: Last Pride for Khmer Natural Heritage

Hun Sen and his advisers are short-sighted about future Cambodia. For the idea of development of Hun Sen in Phnom Kravinh doesn't imply to the concept of economic sustainability at all. Or he decided this, may be because Hun Sen wants to give incentive to his crooked businessmen to exploit everything, no need to think about long term Cambodia.

His reason and excuse for development as well as it is Cambodian sovereignty is relevant. But it is relevant for his ignorance only.


Because if we reserve Phnom Krovinh as an international park enriched by diverse biodiversity and becoming world's heritage site, Phnom Kravinh can benefit Cambodia more than stupid idea of Hun Sen, and short-sighted idea of his crooked advisers.

To reserve Phnom Krovinh not only keep Cambodia green, but many tourists and researchers, especially those who favor to visit natural site will benefit Cambodian nation tremendously.

Phnom Krovinh will be long term beneficial place for Cambodians in both natural biodiversity and industry without smoke.

Hun Sen and his advisers might be blind, stupid and ignorant to understand the development industry without smoke. He is exploiting only Angkor Wat, the last pride of Cambodia. He doesn't understand to create any new pride for Cambodia under his leadership.

Hun Sen and his advisers might see that the opening of Phnom Krovinh for development, they will get more money from bribery and corruption.

Cambodian people and younger generations will face social crisis, natural disaster and disadvantages in next 10 or 20 or 50 or 100 years from this stupid leadership.


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