Saturday, December 8, 2007

It is because of his uncomprehensive ability

Recently, a lost leader like Hun Sen opposed the Cambodian environment ministry, NGOs, World Heritage organization, Jolie foundation, and international community by opening Phnom Kravinh possibly for their cronies and families to possibly destroy the last forest, biodiversity, wild life with rare species, and local people.

He is so confusing between the word "development=aphiveatt" and "reservation=anureaks".

He is stuck not to understand that "reservation = anureaks" is also a development, and it is the better development than the word "development itself".

"Reservation = anureaks" is a long term, greenery, sustainable development. It is a proud of Cambodians for this area to become World Heritage site, and it is a source of immense income for long term industry without smoke (tourist industry).

Under uncomprehensive leader, Cambodians and her younger generations will face natural disaster, poverty and bad reputation.


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