Monday, December 10, 2007

Cambodia-Vietnam Relations (Part II)

Significant Indian Relation Visit:

Is it coincident or intentional that Hun Sen visited India during universal human rights day in Dec. 10?

Is it good for a friend of Vietnam to bolster relationship with India in order to balance with China who is frightened VN about the conflict of Spratly islands?

Recently, VN authority was very kind to allow their students protested in front of China's Embassy in Hanoi. But VN has banned all other protests regarding their basic needs.

Just remind you that during 1979-1989, VN stood firmly with all its negotiations with international communities that "Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos are sharing the same enemy (China), any negotiation must be on behalf of these three countries (Indochina Federation?)"

On behalf of Cambodia-VN relationship, Cambodia somehow can strengthen their friendship in both domestic and international stage.

If my assumption is relevant, consider following:

  • 1. Domestically, the defrocking monk of Tim Sakhorn and sent him to be tried by VN's court, the neglecting of Human Rights activist Yash Ghai, the kindness to give concession of Border Development to VN, the overwhelming agreements, treaties and memorandum between Cambodia-VN especially recent religion memorandum of both countries...etc are toned
  • 2. Internationally, Cambodia can counter-balance for their VN friend through welcoming North Korea leader, Burmese Leader, visiting India. In the matter of relation: Cambodia with VN, China, US and India must stand on what is the critical issues for Cambodia? Or is it a trace that VN has drawn for Cambodia?

We agree that there are some progressives from India-Cambodia relation. But we have to accept the reality that VN or Hanoi has still kept its influences and benefits in Cambodia since 7 January 1979.


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