Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rule by FEAR: fake peace and economic growth in Cambodia

Awesome reflection Dr. LAO Mong Hay,

Your voice is important to revive the Paris Peace agreement as the cornerstone of Cambodia's Survival.

Current leadership of Hun Sen has gradually been destroying the conventions of Paris Peace Agreement.

Hun Sen government doesn't only violate their promises in the treaties with international signatories, but has also created new type of government, the government of leviathan that proceeds for peace and economic political propaganda when Cambodian peoples has no freedom and self-expression.

Following are critical:

  • 1. The stopping of commemorating day of October 23
  • 2. The reviving to commemorate the day of January 7
  • 3. The banning of public demonstration.
  • 4. The neglecting of Human Rights Day.
  • 5. The intention to degrade all NGOs or abolish them finally.
  • 6. The court is just a tool for leaders or powerful men, not for the weak peoples.
  • 7. The law enforcement is only for the weaks, the strongs are above those laws

All these are the characteristics of current government led by Hun Sen.


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