Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hun Sen's title "Great Supreme Statesman" proposed by students is not bad

Hun Sen is itchy himself with the title that he has happy with it long time ago.

In reality, Somdech Akka Maha Senabodey Decho is higher than "Great Supreme Statesman".

He might not be able to distinguish the different between "Akka Maha" and "Great Supreme". Of course, he is higher than the proposal title by students because he has "Somdach" as prefix. Somdach means "His Royal Highness".

So the full title translating from Khmer is "His Royal Highest Great Supreme of the Great(Decho) Protector(Senabodey) Hun Sen".

It is truly that "Akka Maha" means Great Great or Great of the Great or Great Supreme.

In Cambodian history, we don't have "Great Great or Great Supreme". We have only "Great".

In the world's history has also had only "Great", such as the Great Asoka Maharaja, Napoleon the Great....etc

In both Cambodian and world history, we can not find "the Great Great or the Great Supreme". We have found only in Cambodia "the Great of the Great Senabodey Dechho Hun Sen".

If we consider in English literature, English language has only Excellency or His Excellency to title ordinary people with high position, and His Royal Highness to title Kings or Monarchy members.

So, please accept it because "Great Supreme Statesman" is sound better than "Strong Man".


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