Thursday, December 13, 2007

Current Cambodia-Vietnam Relations (Part III)

Current Hun Sen's cruel reaction to Yash Ghai signified terrible future for Cambodians. Under Hun Sen's leadership, Cambodia is moving to become Vietnam's Indochina Federation member faster and faster. Few below considering facts should be useful for you all.

  • 1. Hun Sen has denounced United Nations about its recognition of Khmer Rouge government is unusual. The original purpose of UN to recognize Khmer Rouge regime during 19 century is essential because the Vietnamese invasion in Cambodia and Khmer Rouge's brutality was two different things. UN considered KR brutality is worse, but Vietnamese invasion in Cambodia is the worst, especially the illegality of Vietnam that spread their troops throughout Cambodia land.

Question: What is Hun Sen's stand point of view about these two controversial issues? - Brutality of KR is ended, but Vietnamese influence is still overwhelming in Cambodia.

  • 2. Now, Japanese government's role in Indochina is critical for Cambodians. Japanese has planned their aids not to providing solely to Cambodia, Laos or Vietnam, but Japanese government plans to aid as joint development project including Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. We surely know that Japan needs to counterbalance with China in this region, but what is worse for Cambodia is the fastest of becoming a legal member of Indochina Federation.

Question: Has Hun Sen government used their capacity to monitor all those development projects with Vietnam? - In case of current Triangle and Land Concession to Vietnamese authority is well informed by Cambodian experts.

  • 3. According to 2008 Calendar of Cambodia, we can see that the government recognizes January 7 day as the national memorable day that Cambodia can escape from KR brutality, but government has intentionally erased October 23 day in the national day calendar from commemorating. Significance of these two national days are both important that government has to value them. However, October 23 is considered as the second independent day for Cambodians from foreign invader (first independent day is from French which is still celebrated).

: Why Hun Sen's government neglect to commemorate Paris Peace Agreement day? - Khmer Rouge brutality is ended, but why Hun Sen's leadership is keeping January 7 as the memorable day. Now, the influences of Vietnam is still huge in Cambodia?

  • 4. Hun Sen's leadership in the future is important for us to comprehend that: from current possibility, Hun Sen will change Cambodia to boost in economic development by neglecting human rights, freedom and democracy development. Currently, international aids have concerned only economic growth especially the competitive aids from Japan and China that those aids don't focus on building real democracy in Cambodia. The tendency that Hun Sen government is moving now truly copies from China and Vietnam that they see these two countries' economic growth as their model.

Question: Which one is more important between democracy and economy? - Both are important, but why Hun Sen's leadership is turning to Vietnamese style?

  • 5. Current trial of Khmer Rouge will enable nothing better for future Cambodia because it is politicized by government since the beginning. As we can understand, Hun Sen's leadership will not hesitate to try Khmer Rouge leaders because this trial is absolutely benefiting his party (CPP). However, it is not benefiting to CPP only, it is also benefiting to foreign country who came to liberate Cambodians from KR brutality. Psychologically, more trial is loud through the media, the Cambodian peoples have more favors and loves to the CPP as well as Hun Sen. And the legality of invasion is coming near. Recently, Hun Sen cursed the UN's special envoy Yash Ghai as well as UN itself is the intention to dismiss Paris Peace Agreement and UN's presence in 1993. He accuses UN that didn't come to intervene KR during brutality and why now comes to Cambodia and criticize about human rights violation? - This accusation is baseless because during the KR period the world was fully chaotic.

Question: Does KR trial can improve Cambodia justice system? According to current government's attitude towards human rights report in Cambodia, is it fertile for creating the rule of law state? - KR is the best tool for Vietnam to achieve their Indochina Federation in current transitional politics of Cambodia under Hun Sen's Leadership.

  • Notes: Hun Sen and his government's current policy doesn't only violate their treaty with UN about human rights, but also violate Cambodian national constitution. Hun Sen and his government has gradually violated Cambodian national constitution.


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