Monday, November 5, 2007

Cambodia nation and her people needs a change to see a positive move!

Good job MP Sam Rainsy,

Mahatma Ghandi said "you must be the change you want to see in the world."

I always admire your courage to stand up and confront with dictatorship system and ideology.

To change the leaders is not only happening in democratic countries, but it is also happening in social/communist countries such as Vietnam and China.

Recently, China top leaders have been relocating their power to younger generation. As well as Vietnam, eastern neighbor of Cambodia, has done several times to pass the power to their younger generations.

Doing so, for the actual national patriots, have deeply conceived that their nation will not be developed and moved in a right track if the same leaders and same clan keep controlling the country.

It is simple for those nationalist and patriotic leaders to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the nation.

So, MP Sam Rainsy, your proposal is not hit anybody on the head, but it is for the sake of Cambodia nation and her younger generation to grow in a right track. Anybody feels furious with your proposal, it means they don't want to see a positive change and development in Cambodia.

Current change acquisition in Cambodia will not go back to the era of Khmer Rouge or become worse like such revolution. Anyhow, this change is not a revolutionary!

Let us support the idea of change if we want to see some advanced in the future of Cambodia.

There are argument that it is important to mandate president of party to 2 mandates, but not PM candidate. He said "Sam Rainsy can not compete with Hun Sen, so that why he wants to change. It is not necessary to limit PM; and Hun Sen cannot live lasting life."

However, he missed to assure that it is necessary for PM to step down if he wants to see a development in his Cambodia nation. There are many able younger generations that have ability to lead the country like Hun Sen too. In many countries, PM or President has initiative to step down by themselves or sacrifice their power in order to see a change in their countries. For example, one party state such as Hu Chin Tao of China or Pham Van Khai of Vietnam. This is not counted democratic countries.

MP Sam Rainsy has never had opportunity to lead the country, so who else looks down his personal ability and how they measure that when they have never seen his action in government leadership?. They may have made a huge mistake because they only follow their personal limited thought to judge Sam Rainsy's ability.

So let give Sam Rainsy a chance and we can see a change to move on in Cambodia.


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