Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cambodia should support the idea of self-reliance, not only depends on foreign aids

For sustainable development and brighter future of Cambodia, all Cambodian leaders must be aware that Cambodia cannot depend on foreign aids forever. Since 1993 to present, Cambodia should decrease the amount of foreign aids and rely to support national self-reliance.

Foreign aids worsen Cambodia at least following two points:
  • 1. All aids are having strings attached, though those strings are both good and bad, but Cambodia should not play their political role as a lackey or puppet.
  • 2. Aids cannot ensure long term survival of Cambodia. Also aids without having effective management like present Cambodian government is only worsening the economic growth of Cambodia.

Cambodia should boost herself to become an aids provider, not aids receiver. Take a look at Japan, US or other civilized countries, aids are welcome for the sake of generosity, but their leaders have never appealed for aids. For example, the natural disaster of Katrina in US, US's leaders didn't appeal for aids from foreign countries at all. This is their integrity that they have to try the best to help themselves.

Cambodia has potential to have self-reliance by enforcement the rule of law and change leaders if present leaders don't change their attitude and disadvantage behavior.


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