Monday, November 26, 2007

Brighter Political Behavior for Cambodian Younger Generations

10:49 PM

You are blind and ignorant...those civilized countries, their elite leaders and politicians have never used any intention to proselytize, manipulate, lure or deceive their own people by advertising their wealth luxury, donation, power, position and political legitimacy...etc

In developed and democratic countries, political elitists don't build roads, schools, hospitals, temples or other public property by themselves to advertise their own name....but through their rule of law and democracy contribution to the country, the politicians or rich people will build some building to inscribe their names as a symbol of their virtue.

For the charity is mostly operated by only business tycoons who are not affiliated with politics.

You are ignorant and corrupted because you can not see those powerful political leaders are sucking millions from the nation and Cambodian people but give back only small amount and advertise themselves as generous...those evil leaders use corrupted money to deceive Cambodian people to legitimize their power...this is not an act of educated leaders, but ignorant leaders. Cambodia has faced troubles from such evil leaders behavior.

Cambodia has to enforce anti-corruption law and avoid from present charity culture, so that we can see brighter future of Cambodia.


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