Friday, November 23, 2007

Khmer Rouge trial is politically oriented by CPP

Khiev Kannaridh, for the political understanding, everybody knows that through the trial of Khmer Rouge, CPP has got huge benefits, and the important thing is it is just a path leading to the trap of Vietnam's strategic plan.

Khiev Kannaridh considers this few reasons:

  • 1. Through KR trial, CPP gets benefits as the savior in January 7, 1979.
  • 2. Through KR trial, CPP gets more votes from Cambodian people because CPP is standing with innocent people against brutality, though CPP themselves has committed brutality several times (bombing in on the crowd and coup detat..etc).
  • 3. Through KR trial, CPP can lie Cambodian people and international stage as Cambodia has progressive in respecting rule of law. But in reality, CPP is still controlling mass media, freedom of demonstration and expression, culture of impunity is alive, and corruption is rampant. Especially, in case of of Tim Sakhorn, it shows that Cambodian citizenship is no clear management in the eye of Vietnam government....what is you guy doing with your boss Vietnam about Cambodian legal citizenship nowadays?
  • 4. Justice from KR trial will not be prevailed because it is CPP politically oriented at the beginning to the end.

So, Khiev Kannaridh, your theory of throwing ice into face is absolutely twisting and sarcasm, you should change to say thanks for those who help accelerating KR trial and give opportunity to CPP for win-win political strategy.


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