Friday, November 23, 2007

Philosophy from Khmer Bon Oum Touk Celebration

Philosophy from Bon Oum Touk,

As I can see, the Bon Oum Touk or boat racing ceremony shed us two concepts of philosophy:

  • 1. It is good for Cambodians to preserve this long traditional ceremony of Cambodia. It symbolizes the strength of Cambodian navy, pay gratitude to the water, to farewell the starting receding of water, and to entertain Cambodian peasants from hard work of crops cultivating.
  • 2. But it is surely if you watch TV or listen to Radios, or read newspapers; Cambodian's bon oum touk is the occasion for those Cambodian high-rank officials to advertise their names, power and position through sponsoring with many projects: starting from sponsoring TVK, to boat crew, to rice, to cloths, too many and others...etc

So it is remarkably that invaluable Khmer traditional bon oum touk has become the central place for those corrupted government officials to make money laundering and advertise their cronism/favoritism.

If younger Cambodian generation wants to see brighter future of Cambodia, they must understand that this charity culture from those higher rank officials are only the encouraging of perpetuating corruption and Cambodia as a state has become weaker and weaker through this behavior.

Many those high-rank officials are happy to advertise themselves through the opportunity of bon oum touk and presence of the King.

Their political legitimacy is very low and disgusting....this low profile political legitimacy culture comes from their previous evil backgrounds and less education.


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