Thursday, November 22, 2007

Appealing to all Khmer compatriots

Translation: All Cambodian Compatriots,

Now, national and international people are paying attention to the progressive former Khmer Rouge leaders trial, but the hottest issue is likely forgotten.

The defrocking of Monk Tim Sakhorn and sent him to be tried in Vietnam is the current national hottest issue of Cambodia that it is more important than the trial of former Khmer Rouge leaders because the trial expects to build a rule of laws, eliminate the culture of impunity, and remedy the Cambodian PTSDs.

But in case of Tim Sakhorn has created the doubt that current Cambodian people based on what law and regulation to ensure that they have Khmer citizenship especially according to the national constitution. As they didn't explain clearly the Khmer citizenship of Tim Sakhorn, and neglecting him until he is being tried by that Vietnamese court freely, intensifies the doubt that Cambodia has no their own status and identity especially the national law and citizenship.

The case of Khmer Kampuchea Krom is very important, government has to deal with this case only inside Cambodia, government should not neglect in case of Tim Sakhorn because this is the sign of losing Cambodian national sovereignty.

Please, rethink again the different between the Khmer Rouge trial and Khmer citizenship regulation, which one is more important than? Or the current progressive former Khmer Rouge leaders trial just to manipulate Khmer people not to pay attention their national citizenship law and identity?


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