Wednesday, November 21, 2007

CPP and Khmer Kampuchea Kroms: excuse for Vietnam to keep influencing Cambodia

CPP and Khmer Kampuchea Kroms

Khmer Kampuchea Kroms are indigenous people who are originally Khmers and they are recognized by the Cambodian constitution whenever they are arriving Cambodia land.

Vietnam has taken profound advantage in cooperating with CPP to deprive Khmer Kampuchea Kroms. Vietnam has potential to get support from CPP in depriving Khmer Kampuchea Kroms through following factors:

  • 1. Vietnam has used policy of cooperation with their former lackeys, the CPP, and their leaders, to maintaining influences and interferences internal politics of Cambodia. Many social, political and economical agreements have been signed by both Hanoi and CPP to strengthen their forever friendship without concerning neutrality and sovereignty of Cambodia.
  • 2. Vietnam's effective mechanism to maintaining their former lackeys in place is to force CPP's elites to sign friendship agreements in all fields and institutions in Cambodia.
  • 3. Through such traditional friendship and several treaty agreements, Vietnam has ensured that their interests inside Cambodia and their former lackeys cannot release themselves from political orchestration inside Cambodia especially to deprive Khmer Kampuchea Krom is effective.
  • 4. Vietnam is smart to use the pretext in maintaining relationship and bilateral cooperation with CPP to protect security and interests of both countries by marginalizing Khmer Kampuchea Kroms.

CPP is considered as Khmers who have tremendously worked for Khmers and their nation, so what measurement that CPP is dealing with Khmer Kampuchea Kroms like nowadays? CPP should have their own political designation to deal with Khmer Kampuchea Kroms. CPP should not lower themselves and step on their political identity to follow Vietnam by depriving Khmer Kampuchea Kroms.

Doing so CPP is serving as:
  • 1. CPP is opposing Cambodian national constitution.
  • 2. CPP is considered totally as the ongoing lackey performer for Vietnam. This total lackey playing was fully performing during 1978-199.
  • 3. Khmer Kampuchea Kroms are Khmer, so when CPP is helping Vietnam depriving Khmer Kampuchea Kroms, it means CPP is depriving Khmers all 13 millions inside Cambodia.
  • 4. CPP is the government leader who is controlling an independent territory, but when Khmer Kampuchea Kroms have been depriving freely inside Cambodia, it means CPP has no power at all to maintain Cambodian national interests and her integral sovereignty.

The case of Monk Tim Sakhorn and this recent intimidation to four Khmer monks (not KKK because they are living in Cambodia) are underscoring the hard talk of sovereignty, integrity and independence of Cambodia while it led by CPP (former Vietnam's lackey).

All Cambodian people are feeling insecure and uncertain through current CPP's political standing with Vietnam especially the mechanism to deal with Khmer Kampuchea Kroms.

The solution is simple: many elite CPP's members, opposition parties and Cambodian people have seen this deprivation of Khmer Kampuchea Krom inside Cambodia as a harsh danger to the security and independence of Cambodia.


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