Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cambodia-Vietnam Relationship: is it genuine or inventory?

Dear Son Chhay & Colleagues,

I am reading this news with tearing and upset. I know to read Vietnam's news only one side is not enough. I need to see more news from your group. But I can see how this news tried to repeat the same phrase "promoting further friendship and multifaceted cooperation between Vietnam and Cambodia". This phrase comes from the joint statement of Vietnam-Cambodia relations in the year of 2001 (

We have to understand that from this Joint Statement led to the agreement of Supplemental Border Treaty which is known as to re-legalize the invasion in January 7, 1979. And Vietnam has stepped forward many steps such as arresting or blocking Mongtangard tribes, depriving Khmer Kampuchea Krom people, speeding triangle development and other overwhelming treaties with Cambodian partner.

Vietnam's influence inside government is undeniable existing in a deep unusual situation. So, now MP Son Chhay, I am afraid that you are being used to popularize their unusual Vietnam-Cambodia relationship. Asean has nothing to do with current subtle Vietnam-Cambodia relationship. The relationship that is likely using as a propaganda.

SRP lawmakers should investigate and review the nature of Vietnam-Cambodia relationship in order to make sure that it is genuine bilateral relationship.

In order to make sure that bilateral relationship between Cambodia-Vietnam is genuine, we have to consider tactics below:

1. Internal Cambodian government must be strong in both good governance and decentralization. Now, as a state-building, Cambodia is very weak if we compare with Vietnam. The shortfall of Cambodian Immigration Department, the rampant corruption and the same leaders with same old favoritism and family patronage will not qualify for independent state in relationship with Vietnam at all while once they were helped to power by Vietnam. And how those Cambodian leaders distinguish the different between bilateral relationship with gratitude expression that they must do towards Vietnam?

2. Many current CPP as well as government leaders are former cadres who were members of Vietminh Communist Party created in about 1953 that has transformed itself to remain strong continuity and characteristic with different strategic plans.

3. We do doubt that Vietnam might force Son Chhay to repeat the phrase of Vietnam-Cambodia bilateral relationship without concerning to deal with case of Tim Sakhorn and many other issues especially the ongoing violations of borderline...etc


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