Monday, January 21, 2008

What does it mean the border-installation between Cambodia and Vietnam?

Generally, peoples may think that border installation or recognizing the border of one's country is free from colonizing or territory-expanding.

In reality, modern changes of world's politics do not require one country to invade other country by using military but the effective aggressive strategies are through:
  • 1. Capitalism economic
  • 2. Ethnic population planting and population assimilating
  • 3. Creating shadow/puppet government

So what does it mean for Var Kim Hong and Hun Sen's administration to have supplemental border treaty and install those border poles?---when Vietnam's economic is gradually occupying Cambodia, Vietnamese illegal immigrants have not been well managed, and lackey mindset has been still existing in CPP's leadership?

These three premises are evident to testify leadership of Hun Sen and his present government.


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