Saturday, February 9, 2008

Defection Period

Now, four SRP's representatives have defected to join CPP that may be in the hope of some rewards and position. I am not surprised about this phenomena during election concert. But I am proud that SRP can keep united internally. The individual defection is not bad, and it is hard to control as well. But what is worrisome for SRP is the rift inside its party which this can lead to the total dissolution of the party. In case of Khmer Nation Party, Son San party, or recent Funcipec party are good example for SRP in the present.

Hun Sen and CPP leadership accepted the defectors from SRP with high governmental position is virtually the failure political campaign of this party. As we all know, currently Cambodia has not only experienced inflation of national economy, but Cambodia has also experienced inflation of governmental positions which are the original causes of corruption and failure of good governance transformation led by CPP in Cambodia. More than this, Cambodian younger generation is looking for new political alternative, new leaders whom they can experiment their experience, and new vision for the brighter future. The pretext of Khmer Rouge genocidal regime, the party defection activity and the fearful political environment are gradually out of their sight. Those strategies have become the old-fashioned political pretexts during national election campaign.

In contrast to the loss of SRP, the current defection phenomena significantly increases strength, unity and welcoming more capable members into the party including those defectors as well.

With all BEST for SRP

Khmer Young

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