Monday, February 11, 2008

Hun Sen's disgusting political strategy

I am so proud that HE Sam Rainsy expressed good wish to those defectors, and diplomatic responding to Hun Sen (SAM RAINSY: WE CANNOT OVERESTIMATE THE ELECTION RESULT, NOW WE SHOULD RESPECT THE PEOPLE'S WILL. SRP ALSO HAS ITS STRATEGIES TO WIN ELECTION).

It is a disgust for Hun Sen to show those defectors in the public to persuade the audience with promising political positions. Hun Sen has never elaborated the democratic principles, good governance reform, anti-corruption and poverty reduction. But he is good in creating conflict inside other parties, or baigain to buy them with huge package of money and governmental positions.

This is a good selling point for SRP to inform Cambodian youth and general peoples that "SRP VALUES DEMOCRATIC PRINCIPLES, GOOD GOVERNANCE REFORM AND POVERTY REDUCTION..ETC" as its main policy. SRP will not value position or power to defeat other partner for its own power.

Win-win strategies of SRP is trying the best to find BENEFITS and INTERESTS for Cambodian Peoples in general. SRP doesn't see political rivalry (defeating or winning) and political power or position as its main goal.

All youths and educated peoples, especially youths who are in higher education institutes or recently graduated are welcome to experiment SRP. And SRP encourages those all to use their capacity to improve Cambodian nation as the whole regardless of political parties they inline towards, social services, community involvement...etc

Only SRP that is the future hope for Cambodian younger generations!


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