Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hun Sen's Leadership with International Countries

Hun Sen's political rhetoric about this border issue is clear for us to understand his standing point of view and political career. He is self-esteemed to say and act whatever that he can manipulate his own citizens (Cambodian peoples). But when Hun Sen faces with international countries, especially Cambodia's neighbors, he has always admitted defeat.

Looking at this attitude of Hun Sen's leadership by comparing with the leaders of other countries, we can surely assume that:

  • 1. A good leader should value their own citizens and nation. Though sometime, our citizens are so proud and aggressive, we should not intimidate or downgrade them with any kind of speech or threat. Leaders should avoid not to value foreigners as superior than their own citizens. In reality, Cambodian peoples are not aggressive. Cambodian peoples are peace-lover. But often, their sentiment towards neighboring countries is accurate because they have clearly seen that Cambodia land gradually become smaller and smaller. Current leader has only oppressed them not to think about their border or territory integrity.
  • 2. Good leader is smart to keep good international relations with other countries, but it is in a different relationship manner with their own citizens. Does Hun Sen's leadership is articulating in this way?
  • Cambodian peoples are not only banned from public demonstration to excercise their freedom to criticize their leaders, Cambodian peoples are also currently banned and threated not to express their freedom and nationalism to protect their own motherland and territory integrity.


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