Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Hope for Cambodians

I think comparing Australian peoples and Cambodian peoples are very different.

Cambodian peoples biologically and mentally influenced by fear, patronage, god-king leadership, and sometime cynical.

CPP wins not because of this party is united and good. Possibly, CPP wins because of election fraudulence (through NEC), intimidation, vote-buying, and people's less comprehension.

These not included Cambodian peoples' PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Discease) and live by fear.

So SRP would become worse if we don't have Sam Rainsy. United is very important, but what do you think when one party has already become CPP's puppet? And other party has become crippled in leadership trust.

So this time, we should strengthen SRP, strengthen grassroots members, raise more funds, spread more 3 fundamental policies, and strongly believe in our cause.

SRP will win CPP easily in the manner different from Australia Labor Party.


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