Thursday, February 21, 2008

Great Leadership, Sam Rainsy!!!

Great Leadership, Sam Rainsy!

I have always supported your enduring works to bring just and advancement to Cambodia.

I can notice that your answer in here is highly reflective to your charismatic leadership in contemporary Cambodia.

I can see your win-win strategy is: incorporative, not competitive; corporation, not confrontation.

The winner is not SRP or Sam Rainsy, but the winner is Cambodian peoples and our beloved nation.

When Cambodian peoples vote for Sam Rainsy to become prime minister, it doesn't mean Sam Rainsy is prime minister, but it means Cambodian peoples will have social just, sufficient employment, basic rights, dignity, and national harmony.

All CPP's members and current officials are highly respected and remained you all in the same position according to your experiences, capacity, and devotion.


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