Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Blog is our daily food!

I can say that blog is a part of my life. It is true to make analogy that we need food and water as we need news and information to understand things around us and the world.

I have my own blog, and I spend a lot of time to read others' blogs. Blogs are considered as raw information that we have to filter it my ourselves. So we need to read by consciousness, not by mouth and by eyes.

If I differentiate Khmer blogs, I can see there are varieties of themes, reflection, mentality, idea, taste, and tendency. But KI-media has performed its extraordinary contribution because I can conclude as follow:

  • 1. Through reading and observing KI, I can understand that Cambodia is still controlled by the totalitarian leaders who are occupying major national mass media, economic, power, and self-arrogance. Cambodia in not yet an equal state for Cambodian peoples or general peoples to have access social equity.
  • 2. Power of democratic effort to outreach their clients is gigantic. They have to spread it as much as possible though what tool and medium they can use to grow and nurture democracy.
  • 3. Cambodian peoples of both domestic and abroad are gradually broadening their value, vision and knowledge through blogging.
  • 4. Overall, human rights, democracy, advancement, and dignity of human beings can be granted only by us. We are individually trying to do whatever for the cause of Cambodia, for the cause of the world...both Cambodia and the world meaningful to ourselves, our relatives, and family.

....It is a reciprocal is complimentary each is is interconnected....


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