Friday, February 15, 2008

Hun Sen & CPP Leadership

Dr. Lao Mong Hay spectacular chronologically narrated the moving backward of CPP leadership.

We can summarize CPP's strategies as follow:
1. They will reject, deny, or abolish the Paris Peace Agreement in October 23, 1991 in order to praise January 7, 1979 of VN invasion in Cambodia.

2. They are lying Cambodian peoples and expressing ungrateful attitude to the international donors because those funds flowing to Cambodia because of Paris Peace Agreement. And Cambodia has progressed today because of Paris Peace Agreement.

3. They are intending to abolish civil societies in Cambodia in order to promote dictatorship. We can observe, even though UN has been severely abused by CPP. What credit CPP has to abuse this world neutral organization. They have no credit at all, they do it in order to insult Cambodian peoples.

4. They are abusing Human Rights, Global Witness, and recently Amnesty International, without respecting their signature agreement in the International Covenant at all.

Cambodian peoples are CPP's hostages for them to legitimize their power, to bargain for donations, and to insult the neutral international organizations.

CPP's leadership under Hun Sen's grip is good in manipulating Cambodian peoples.


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