Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New culture of Cambodia politics must be developed

Dear Khmer compatriots:

I am astonishing to watch Australian parliament today. Hon. Kevin Rudd is leading the national policy of reconciliation, while opposition party leader expresses concern to this national win-win strategy.

I want to see Cambodian leaders: government and opposition party perform politics of win-win strategy like this.

Please, watch this very astonishing movie:


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Angkor138 said...

Dear KY;
What Mr. Rudd did is not what many [41 PM] before him wanted to do, and was welcomed with clapping hands by all indigenous people who stood up with smiles and tears while they turned their back on Mr. Nelson - the opposition leader.

It's part of Mr. Rudd promise during the campaign Rudd 07.

Must congratulate him also for telling MP that this year pay rise is not going to happen until next year.