Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Progressive Culture of Cambodia Politics: Win-Win Strategy

New era of progressive culture in Cambodia must be raised. I do believe that Sam Rainsy is ready to open this culture.

New culture of politics in Cambodia is to focus on win-win strategy. This strategy profoundly refers to the advancement, peace, dignity, social equity, and freedom of Cambodian peoples.

Win-win strategy is not about lasting power for any leader in the government. For instance, CPP win every party in all election; or SRP wins every party in all election, is not a win-wins strategy. Win-win strategy means Cambodian peoples are the winer and they can testify their leaders in a specific termed-mandates such as two terms like in America.

New culture of progressive politics in Cambodia absolutely honors the physically open talk between those leaders in the public. Hun Sen and Sam Rainsy should appear in the public and debate extensively for the sake the nation. And they both should express friendship in front of millions of Cambodian citizens through national mass media.

New culture of progressive politics in Cambodia should limit the mandate of prime minister, not to allow them egoistically control the nation.

Win-win strategy and culture of progressive politics in Cambodia should profoundly stand on open minded, tolerant, selfless, national unity, globalizing in politics, and liberalizing in economic.


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