Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Good neighbourliness, traditional friendship, comprehensive and long-term co-operation: Indochina Federation Part V

good neighbourliness, traditional friendship, comprehensive and long-term co-operation.

There are amplitudes of evidence to convince us that the attempting of "Vietnamese's status quo" in Cambodia which is still ongoing and increasingly doubling.

According to this reliable VNA news, on behalf of one of the important government leaders, Tea Banh should not kneel down before Vietnamese's leader by repeating "The mature of the Cambodian Defence Ministry today is partially thanks to experiences drawn from Vietnamese experts on voluntary missions", or uttering the very unrealistic phrase "maintaining security and public order in an effort to ensure Cambodia’s legislative elections, scheduled for July, are a success". This explicitly refers to the absolutely lackey of Cambodian government that entirely depends on Vietnam.

It is not showing our independence as a nation-state at all, or it is not important for diplomatic words to repeat such unrealistic words in front of Vietnamese leaders. But is exhibiting only the interacting between "master and follower, or controller and the controlled".

With this attitude, Vietnam has unreluctantly doubling their mission. Surely, Vietnam has succeeded their expansionism policies in Cambodia through Capitalism Economic, Military, and Counseling under the brand name of corporation. Their repeating word of "working together with Laos and Cambodia for a developed Indochinese peninsular" is the candid evidence for their status quo of "Indochina Federation", and it is gruesome imperialistic act of all Vietnamese leaders in all generations.

Three cases study should be elaborated to testify that Vienam has succeeded in tilting Cambodia under their feet; and the ongoing failure of Hun Sen administration to free itself from Vietnam's grip in undeniable.

1. Khmer Rouge tribunal is explicitly and implicitly helping the "success" of Vietnam to fame their action in Cambodia in the past "not invading, but liberating". Vietnam is happy with this trial that has shot deep into strategy of win-win.

Psychologically and socially, some Cambodian peoples possibly still see the brutality of Khmer Rouge is daunting for them, and the Vietnamese presence in January 7 is perfectly acceptable for them.

Politically, Vietnam's important person and cronies, Hun Sen and his cronies, can utilize the Khmer Rouge brutality as the main political pretext to both claiming peace and violence during each election; and it is successful for Hun Sen and his cronies to focus on this issue. As well as Hun Sen and his cronies are still in power, Vietnam is the happiest person in this planet.

In some extent, Khmer Rouge tribunal surely gain some thing to Cambodia, but the loss from this is huge. This trial is politically-oriented which is detrimental to Cambodian peoples and their nation. Now this trial not only invoke Cambodian citizen domestically, but it is also can call attention to outsiders internally. Its settling down will not be easily ended because of political benefits. The justice and punity are just the political propaganda deluding Cambodian peoples.

2. Capitalism economic is well prepared and articulated by Vietnam government after their do moi policy or the policy of innovation in 1982. This policy possibly helped framing by Li Kwan Yu, the very well-known Singaporean economist. Vietnam can modernize their country as well as liberalize their economic to the wider world. And also effectively maintained their "status quo" in Cambodia. By this do moi, Vietnam had to withdraw military from Cambodia by replacing economy invasion. (But somehow their military withdrawing is just the political fiction-story). The method of using “good neighbourliness, traditional friendship, comprehensive and long-term co-operation" is lucrative successful of Vietnam's do moi policy.

Now, some of Cambodians have already drown into this economic liberalization policy and cannot see the blatant danger to Cambodia. Every day, individually, are busy with $$$ and supportive to the government, Vietnam, and Indochina.

3. Internationally, the proxy of Capitalism will deviate the attention of "who control how", replacing by "who gain more, or both can share benefits". China is surely presenting difficulty for Vietnam in their "status quo" in Cambodia, but Vietnam good relationship with China and trading between these two countries will surely ignore Cambodia's independence and autonomy.

USA also see their opportunity to trade with China more important than human rights or repression over Tibetan peoples etc. And the very extreme relationship of Cambodia closely with China is surely distracting USA in Cambodia.

Vietnam's "status quo" and Indochina Federation of Ho Chi Minh's dream is still in their folder and capitalism is sound for current continuing success of Vietnam. This VNA's news is just one of evidences that Vietnam has openly claimed to the world that Cambodia is still one of their subordinates, and their policy to achieve Indochina Federation is absolutely cunning.


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