Monday, March 24, 2008

Power-thirsty is the Power-killed for himself

It is undeniable that there are shifts of tendency inside CPP when "power kill" is embodying to kill the power consolidated.

SRP has no subjectivity to those defectors. SRP has full of freedom for those members who think that SRP cannot offer them high ranking position and privileged wealth. But SRP has strategized that "ethic, integrity and equity" are emblematic motto for the righteousness. This motto is the strongest cornerstone for Cambodian peoples.

SRP has employed its members as much as possible to work inside CPP in both formers and newcomers in order to maintain "ethic, integrity and equity" for Cambodian nation and its citizens. Major CPP's members are well aware of taking in action in protecting this universal truth "ethic, integrity and equity".

Major CPP's members are aware that they are gradually marginalized. Hun Sen's power consolidation is not only welcomed defectors for his own power strength in the politburo, he has also tried to marginalize CPP's members whom he thinks have distrusted him.

This is significant that Hun Sen has to protect himself by saying "only Hun Sen can topple Hun Sen, only CPP can topple CPP". But his word doesn't take in action as his "power-thirsty" is the "power killed" for himself. It is the hex for his everyday cues.

Someone who have done bad will become their eternal shadow. Hun Sen is certainly scaring his own shadow. Unfortunately, our shadow absolutely belongs to us whenever we mobilize ourselves.

For everybody including Hun Sen the time will come, the ending will eventually haunt the evil doer.

I am sad with PM Hun Sen!


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