Friday, March 21, 2008

Political Leaders Require Political Will

Patriotically, we should not trigger retaliation or express hate towards our same race. Pol Pot's teamwork has guilty and let the court proceed it though sometime we have no much hope with this half-blood court. Of course, no body is perfect including Hun Sen. But one important thing is to change from bad to good, and lead the country with heedfulness and consciousness. This is why I am eager to articulate to Hun Sen that it is not late for him to change from power-thirsty to nation-building.

Nation-building means stopping using "twisting political behavior", "carrot and stick", "bamboo to cut bamboo" as he has been exclusively conducting. It will not be a lasting win, and it is not the win-win strategy for our nation, but it is just a win-win strategy for a leviathan or a monster. Staying in power alone is the foreseeable sign of destroying himself, his family, and the whole Cambodian nation. These political behaviors are just an idiosyncratic frailty.

Let other many competent members in CPP rise up to power, or manage a fair election and constructive political behavior in order to push SRP to the position of national leadership in order to facilitate political alternative for our Cambodian citizens.

Khmers should not remember the day that Khmers killed Khmers, Khmers hate Khmers, Khmer damned Khmers etc Those days such as:

  • 1. March 18 which is to be called coup d'etat to topple N. Sihanouk. If we remember this day, we should also remember July 5-6 1997 coup d'etat bloodshed as well.
  • 2. January 7 should not be commemorated by any specific party in order to cancel the culture of Khmers hate Khmers.
  • 3. But it is chivalrous to remember Khmer independence day from France in November 9, or the Paris Peace Agreement in October 23. These remembrance days significantly benefits Cambodia because these are perfectly independence day from foreigners, and these absolutely can build unity for Khmer race.

Cambodian leaders should construct a role model of selflessness in order to inscribe their name in Cambodian history page as well as to provide good example to younger Cambodian youths. By not remembering the days of Khmers divided/disputed/hate Khmers, Cambodia will surely enhance a true unity and forgiveness.

To remember the days of Khmer hate Khmers offer only the benefit and gain for egoistic political leaders; and in narrow thought they say those remembrance days are a good lesson for young Cambodian youths. In reality, it is just the excuse and political propaganda.

On the other hand, "political alternative" is very important for Cambodians to achieve their ultimate goal in the future. Political leaders have to be changed and mandated. Currently, Sam Rainsy is the emblematic leader who is the future hope of Cambodians that can enhance the concept the "political alternative". Beside Sam Rainsy who else you can see in the present?

For the sake of Cambodia, political leaders require political will. Your life is too short, political will to build lasting political strong structure for Cambodia is in your hand.


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