Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cambodia has to develop to become a nation-state

Cambodian peoples are not racist towards any other races especially Vietnamese. But repeatedly, the Cambodian violence and social turbulence including atrocity are just the by-products of foreigners who have attempted to control and influence Cambodia.

Currently, Cambodia is not yet a nation-state. The very weak structure of Hun Sen's administration is compared like tribalism or feudalism or merchantilism in the 18th century.

Under Hun Sen's leadership, Cambodia as a nation-state is easily fragile and easily manipulated by evil leaders especially the interference of foreigners.

If you are younger Cambodians, and want to see Cambodia has bright and advanced future, you have to help whatever: change leader, laws reform, or working tirelessly inside Hun Sen's current fragile government to restructure the strong Cambodian nation-state for the future. Those restructuring efforts mainly focus on the strengthening the rule of laws, independence of court, parliament, executive, contribution of fair access to national mass media, alleviate poverty through anti-corruption, cronyism, favoritism, nepotism or patronage etc.

Many other countries have fast developed to other modern style of government system such as neoliberal globalism and egalitarian capitalistic state etc to facilitate well being for their citizens. But Cambodia is still a tribalism leadership led by few so-called elites with the political behavior as a mafia community.


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