Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hun Sen's old-fashioned political behaviors

It is not far beyond our common sense of understanding the political behavior of Mr.Hun Sen. His last day political rhetoric about informing human rights NGOs to sue, to arrest, or to convict SRP's activists who have intimidated those defectors is the evidence of Hun Sen's effort to implement his old-fashioned political behavior.

It is normal political twisting of Hun Sen since he came to power. Firstly he likely twisted the neck of his master (Penn Sovann). Since then, Hun Sen has undertaken this political theory throughout his political career. The tendency is that he will use it whenever he is still in power. His political competency is good in this manner only. Other political talent will be difficult for Hun Sen. For example, Hun Sen will try the best to avoid the public debate.

In case of Son San's party, the rife and dissolution of the party is come from within, Cheat Khmer (Khmer Nation Party) also the dissolution is come from within, and recently Funcinpec also caused from within. The tool of Hun Sen to achieve political trick to destroy his opponent also effective through his court.

We also suspect that Thack Keth defecting because of his 3 court verdicts at behind and $$ including high ranking position in front. This "carrot and stick" technique is widely used by Hun Sen and his advisers. We can extend our investigation that many defectors from SRP, some are truly defected for $$$ and position, some defected because their disappointment in SRP, but some have no choice while they are frightened by CPP's activists and political-oriented court at behind and $$$ as well as position in the front. The third premise would be popular and relevant.

In some circumstances, Hun Sen and his advisers created chaos inside society and blame that chaotic situation caused by the opponent. With this theory, Sam Rainsy had to flee Cambodia several times during all social turbulences.

Critically, the act of using "bamboo to cut bamboo" is widely used by Vietnam to achieve their territory expansionism and overcome their enemy. In the moment, Sok Pheng, Ngo Sovann, Chao Phally, etc are the significant tools for Hun Sen to achieve his "twisting political behavior" of "using bamboo to cut bamboo".

However, the magnitude of Hun Sen's "twisting political behavior" has been tremendously changed. In the past, he used guns and armforce; but now he is using governmental-official positions and national budget to lure his opponent and weaken/eliminate their party.

But the outcome of this "twisting political behavior", "carrot and stick", or "bamboo to cut bamboo" has absolutely instilled the fear and social disorder; and it is the main cause of unfair election and weakening the process of genuine democracy in Cambodia.


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