Monday, March 10, 2008

Hun Sen and His Burdens

Awesome reflection Sacrava. Whenever truth is existing in Cambodia, let release and reveal them to the public. Hun Sen and his cronies have earned their living through the sweat , blood and bone of general Cambodian peoples. In this ugly behavior, they are using any kinds of means to manipulate and lie the Cambodian peoples.

Through your thoughtful cartoon in this carpet voiced just and clear understanding to Cambodian peoples.

Fair and just election has no place in Cambodia because the national mass media is controlled by one party CPP, peoples' taxation budget and national assets are publicly used to spread CPP's propaganda entire the country, and NEC is just the very lucrative means for CPP to win all elections.

But let CPP goes, they win only for their greed, but they will never win the heart of Cambodian peoples and their nation.

However, only few individuals/groups in CPP who are really rich and opportunist, but many members of CPP are just the victim.

99% of Cambodian peoples are just the victim and exploited by those corrupted leaders in the government.


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Wanna said...

I hope our prime minister realize the burdens :(