Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hun Sen is the winner, Cambodian peoples are the loser

Many months is still ahead the real election day and election result arrives, but Hun Sen has used his political rhetoric in both eloquent/humor and threatening in nature to stir up the situation and provoke the peoples. The proclaiming that CPP will surely win the election or gain more than 80 seats is really doubtful to the election integrity and reliablity.

As many observers has noticed including our own instinct, Hun Sen's rhetoric is certainly informing us his subtle trick to obtain his lust for power, his ruthlessness, and his unethical political attitude. We can categorize this stirring-up speech into two different ways:

1. It would be his political compaign psychologically and stretegically dissappoint the voters who has planned not to vote for CPP.

2. It is surely true that the election result has already been prepared. This second assumption would be vital according to our observing in previous elections.

When I go to the National Election Committees (NEC) webpage to review some of their procedures there, Ican see that the voter registration is to complicate. We have found that NEC's registration procedure has intentionally and strategically reserved victory for CPP.

For instance, the village heads and commune councils are important persons to proccess the voters registration and assign inviduals into name list. One among those significant signs is the delivering and custodizing the document which is fully doubtful. In this case, while those village heads and commune councils are the CPP's activists; how fair and devotion for fair existing? There is one village in Kompung Som that all of us should do more investigation that those villagers frankly confessed that they didn't register for vote, but how the clerk still have a bunch of voter-lists from that village?

No doubt that this fraudulent strategy to favor their political party has been happening in many countries especially those dictatorship countries. They have to arrange election in order to legitimize their power in front of the masses. But important result is that those dictators have won only for their lust, but they have never won the will of the peoples. Their power is absolutely empty and valueless.

Sam Rainsy Party has aimed its goal in both overcoming the election to lead a change in the government and to exercise the will of Cambodian peoples. From day to day, those genuine voters have changed their mind to vote for SRP. But for those false voters (or ghost name list) are the coffin for an empty leader.



Wanna said...

To be honest, the CPP would win in the election. SRP is not strong enough to get ultimate votes, and it needs more time.

Wanna said...

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Khmer Young said...

Thanks Wanna for informing me about your new website.